Does Dipitas mean anything?

We came up with the name dipitas by combining two words “dipping” and “pitas” and it is phonetically pronounced ‘di-PEE-tas’. Dipitas are made from pita bread and are the perfect choice for dipping into your favourite dips.

Are Dipitas gluten free?

Dipitas are not gluten free. The main ingredient in Dipitas is wheat flour.

Are Dipitas dairy free?

Parmesan Garlic and Herb Dipitas contains dairy (Parmesan Cheese). The other three flavours do not contain any dairy.

Are Dipitas fried?

No. Dipitas are double baked.

Are Dipitas made in Canada?

Dipitas are manufactured at our two facilities in Toronto, Canada. Both facilities are BRC AA accredited, Kosher-certified and FDA approved (FSMA compliant).