Dipitas double baked pita chips


  • Parmesan, Garlic & Herbs
  • Seven Grains & Seeds
  • Touch of Sea Salt
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Pita bread has been the soul of Middle Eastern cuisine for over 4,000 years. The soft, thin bread enhances any meal as it can function as an edible utensil, a stuffed wrap, or a topping surface. The warm pita is gently broken with your hands and shared amongst family and friends.

It is this traditional bread that became the inspiration for DIPITAS, an innovative take on the universal chip that weaves traditional artisan flair with modern techniques to yield a delectable wafer, crunchy and rich in texture, that excites the palate. Its bold flavour profiles and high quality ingredients cater to health-conscious foodies and adventure seekers alike. DIPITAS is double baked for a crispy texture and revolutionary crunch with almost 50% less fat than a fried potato chip. Great tasting with clean ingredients, this bite-sized pita chip is perfectly shaped for all your snacking needs.

Whether you use it to dip, or eat it on its own, DIPITAS will surely satisfy any craving for a quick guilt-free indulgence – bon appétit!

Brought to you by Handi Foods – wholesome snacking done right!

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