Our Story

It started over 40 years ago…with a passion for pita bread.

Dipitas has taken its inspiration from the traditional middle eastern pita bread and modern society’s desire for a better for you snacking product.

Dipitas is an innovative take on the universal chip that weaves traditional artisan flair with modern techniques to yield a delectable wafer, crunchy and rich in texture, that excites the palate. Its bold flavour profiles and high quality ingredients cater to health-conscious foodies and adventure seekers alike. Dipitas is double-baked for a crispy texture and revolutionary crunch with less fat than a fried potato chip. Great tasting with clean ingredients, this bite-sized pita chip is perfectly shaped for all your snacking needs. Whether you use it to dip, or eat it on its own, dipitas will surely satisfy any craving for a quick guilt-free indulgence – bon appétit!

Born to dip

Most chips on the market aren’t that great for dipping. They are very brittle, easily snap and can’t support the weight of dip. We decided to change that with dipitas. We’ve drawn upon our 40 plus years making pita bread to make the best dipping chip on the market – dipitas. We came up with the name dipitas by combining the words “dip” and “pitas” and that’s how the best dipping chip was born! 

Putting a smile on peoples faces is what we are all about!

Our brand ambassadors love hitting the streets to spread the word about dipitas and promote our delicous product collection.

Giving Back to the Community

 Sobeys’ Charity BBQ in support of The Princess Margaret Cancer Foundation.